Built By Bodyology

Do you want to burn fat, build muscle & get a defined figure or physique at the same time as getting stronger? If  you answered, “Yes,”  then  “Built by Bodyology” is definitely for you.


This is a program designed for both men & women that want results, they do not want to be burned out,  drained of energy & exhausted after a workout, instead they want their gym time to compliment their lifestyle & leave them feeling strong, fresh & energised. Fatigue is never & has  never been a good teacher, the lifting  technique more often than not becomes compromised increasing your risk of injury. Training with high volume & intensity can have a negative impact on health & losing body fat. I want you to feel better, move better & look better. 

B by B by Coach Claire has a focus on health & wellbeing while changing body composition &  building a functional, strong & resilient body.

You will improve your posture,  boost sports performance, you will  see significant changes in how you look, you will appreciate the enhanced energy levels . B by B will guide you towards training smarter not harder. 

Ladies, this is the perfect training program for you. You will notice a difference in body shape & tone without the endless hours of cardio, on top of all of this you will  become  stronger than you look while melting away some body fat. 

Claire’s watchful eye coaching the deadlift to a student at one of the many events she has taught at.

This in an 8 week program & all you need to do is follow the plan to get results. What are you waiting for? Get in contact now. There are longer programs are available on request.


B y B for if you want to lose or gain inches.

Prices start at £87, 

There are full nutrition programs as an extra service too. To get the optimal results from any form of training will always benefit from a well formulated diet specific to you.

 Claire provides  online video coaching, or you may visit the Bodyology Studio for in person 1:1 coaching. There are comprehensive sessions provided if you would like to travel to see Claire .