90 Day Ladies Fat Loss

Feel better, move better, look better…get stronger!

Are you short on time and wanting maximum results? You have come to the right place? Make every workout count, more is just more, what you want is minimum time for maximum results.

Tailored Programming 

These are bespoke programs that are designed for you as an individual and based on your goals. I have a library of video workouts for you to follow, these include resistance exercises,  weight training, cardio sessions, mobility & movement sessions.
Working with women over many years I know what works!


There will not be a diet full of meal replacements, low fat tasteless foods, sparrow like portions or fat burning supplements. You will be able to enjoy nutritious, healthy foods that taste delicious & leave you satiated. I will even provide easy to follow recipes as part of your plan. It is important we work together to design a menu that you will enjoy, as well as stimulate the fat burning process.

Fat Loss

I completely understand the challenges that women have when it comes to fat loss, compared to men we naturally have higher body fat levels, less muscle mass & hormonal differences to contend with.  I will get you efficient at accessing your fat stores and feeling energised.

90 Days

Ladies seem believe the myth that they need to do endless aerobic sessions of jogging, peddling away on spin bikes or hours on the cross-trainer, I am here to dispel that myth. I will tailor make a personal fitness plan using strength and conditioning practices that work. When you follow the nutritional, exercise and mindset advice, you will achieve your 90 day transformation. 

Contact me to get your 60 or 90 Day Transformation Challenge started today…


Before we embark on your personal training journey, we will discuss your goals. We will then make a plan based on your current lifestyle. 

Before you embark on your online personal training journey I will send you a questionnaire which will enable me to understand your dietary habits to see how you eat, when you eat, what your lifestyle is like, what your stresses are, an overview of your health, medications, how you sleep, any allergies or food intolerance’s you may have, how often you can train and of course what your goals are.

Whether you want complete a triathlon, run a marathon, lose weight (body fat) or gain muscle I can help you reach your goals


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