Special offer 14 day trial including consultation & two video coaching sessions for only £50

I provide personal coaching with weekly video calls, emails with weekly updates, a full exercise video library & online documents to give your training direction & help you track progress. If you do not know where you started how do you know how far you have come?

You will receive an initial questionnaire, once I receive your answers we will then schedule a call to discuss a plan of action. I take into consideration your lifestyle, work & family commitments & experience level, to design the optimal program for you we will will do a movement assessment too.

I never produce cut & paste program, they are designed for YOU. All program progressions are dependant on your bio feedback.

I can also provide full nutrition support, this will include weekly recipes & food preparation ideas, the nutrition plan takes into consideration any food intolerances you may have, digestive issues, medications, & aims, I have years of experience working with clients who want muscle gain, fat loss, or sport-specific goals & endurance athletes

I can also provide you with an 8-12 week program. Many people are happy hitting the gym on their own, they just need some guidance steering them in the right direction, whether for strength goals, hypertrophy or just general fitness.

I have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals, from getting stage contest ready, passing StrongFirst certifications, putting Type 2 Diabetes into remission, halting IBS symptoms, or simply being able to play pain-free with their Grandchildren.

Let’s get started claire@bodyology.co.uk

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