Claire McCarthy-Booth is a StrongFirst Senior Certified Instructor.

“I have had a successful Bodybuilding career since 1997, I won over 25 Bodybuilding titles, including Miss GB, Miss Uk, Miss Wales, Miss International, & competed at International level placing a 3rd & 5th at the World Championships.

As a StrongFirst Senior, I am fortunate enough to travel the world coaching the StrongFirst Principles, I teach StrongFirst courses & workshops throughout the UK, to fitness professionals & to people who want to move better, look better, feel better & improve their general health through nutrition & movement.

I work directly with students wanting to go through any of the StrongFirst Certifications, many times students visit our private Studio in the Lincolnshire countryside that has a full range of power racks, kettlebells, pull up bars, & rings.

We also offer treatments with my Husband Roger is a Level 3 NKT practitioner. NKT is an excellent modality in rehabilitation and manual therapy which not only identifies the cause of pain and dysfunction but also corrects it quickly and quite painlessly.

I also provide online training, educating & supporting clients to make informed decisions, helping them to reach their goals. I take into consideration, lifestyle, including work & family commitments. I will make the work time, easy to follow, simple but extremely effective.

I offer video calls, technique check-ins, or one-off 8-12 week programs. I am always assessing your movement, your bio-feedback you provide & will make adjustments based on this. The most important part of my job is listening & supporting you.

With almost 30 years of experience in the strength & fitness industry, I have seen many fads come & go. I know what works, I get results. All you need to do is show up & follow the plan.

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